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What is the marine wildlife of Cabrera?

The island of Cabrera, for years, has been one of the best preserved national parks in the Mediterranean, and therefore, a protected area where endemic species of animals of all types can be found in a unique underwater oasis. Today we will know the marine fauna of Cabrera.

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Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

We live in a country in which,  thanks to the good climate you can enjoy the beach and our seas for longer. But there is something very important that we must also take into account if we want to continue enjoying our wealth in summertime, and that is the pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Uses and activities forbidden in Cabrera

Cabrera is one of the fifteen privileged National Parks in Spain, and its main characteristic is its isolation, as it can only be reached by boat. If you are planning to visit the island we will tell you about the uses and activities that are forbidden in Cabrera. 

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FIO 2020

In 2020 the Extremadura Birdwatching Fair will continue to offer a wide range of activities for professionals associated with nature tourism and birdwatching as well as the general public.

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CLAIM 2020.

La producción mundial de plásticos se ha multiplicado por veinte, en los últimos 50 años, esta situación ha sido reconocida como un problema medioambiental de [...]

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