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Environmental sustainability in Cabrera National Park

Sustainable Tourism Tax
A greener future for Cabrera

The project aims to enable Cabrera to achieve environmental sustainability, through the confluence of six strategic actions that cover: sewage treatment, energy production, water consumption and waste management.

The objectives of the project are:

 - Prevent contamination of water, soil and atmosphere

 - Properly manage the scarce water found on the island

 - Minimize the use of fossil fuels

 - Optimize the use of photovoltaic energy

Work will start with a new sewage treatment plant in the area of the Port of Cabrera in order to ensure optimal conditions of the effluents that are discharged into the sea. All water pipes for drinking water will be replaced and buried to minimize losses and ensure optimal sanitary conditions.

Work will also be done on increasing the capacity of the batteries of the photovoltaic energy park, and solar plates will be replaced to increase the production electricity and decrease the carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles will also be used by the staff of the park.

The project will be carried out over three years.

More information on the web page of the Sutainable Tourism Tax