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We will set sail straight to the port of Cabrera National Park, where you will have a couple of free hours to enjoy an idyllic place full of spectacular landscapes and clear waters. And to round it off, a swim in the Blue Cave.

The complete duration of the excursion is of approximately [...]

Duration: 6h
50 people max.
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This is the most complete way to get to know the Cabrera National Park. A sea route around the archipelago to explore all its nooks and crannies, a 3-hour landing on the island of Cabrera to visit its most emblematic places and, of course, a swim in the blue cave, weather permitting.

Duration: 6h
Máx. 50 pers.
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Embark on an exciting adventure and discover by sea all corners of the National Park. We will stop to swim in some of the most attractive places in Cabrera and, of course, in the great Blue Cave. You will be able to admire spectacular landscapes, wild beaches, sea birds and big [...]

Duration: 2.5h
12 people max.
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The most complete way to discover Cabrera. Sea tour to explore all the corners of the island. We will stop to swim in its waters and, of course, in the Blue Cave. We will then disembark and give you one free hour to visit the terrestrial park.

Kids can only go with the 12 people boat if [...]

Duration: 3.5h
12/50 people max.
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