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Marcabrera’s business project was developed based on the philosophy of creating a transparent, fair and environment-friendly business concept, putting special emphasis on the company’s commitment to the society we live in. Today, eight years after it was established and considering that without such a profitable business model we would have not gotten this far, Marcabrera is continuously developing this working philosophy by promoting it in every possible way. We firmly believe that our business model is one of the most promising business innovations of the decade so far, and that it is also one of the pillars for a much needed sustainable economy.

Marcabrera’s Project overcomes the traditional paradigm, as it doesn’t only seek profitability. It has a great potential for changing the society we live in by making it more human, more in line with the wellbeing of all citizens and more consistent with global challenges. Some of our main priorities are to offer the best solutions and to contribute to environmental sustainability. Therefore, environmental awareness has become one of the key strategic goals of Marcabrera’s Project.

The headquarters of Marcabrera are situated at the harbour of Colònia de Sant Jordi. We operate within the geographic area of the Balearic Islands, the Migjorn Marine Reserve and the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of Cabrera to be exact. We offer guided boat and land tours that have been designed so that people can explore the landscape with the least possible environmental impact. All tours include an audio guide that allows visitors to discover the territory while listening to living echoes of history. In addition, we offer tailor-made exclusive trips for groups of up to 12 people that can be designed based on many different topics: literature, flora and fauna, geology, seabed, history, ethnology, etc.

Marcabrera’s R&D Team has developed an innovative transmission system that allows customers to access our audio guide from their Smartphone. Furthermore, we are gradually moving to 100% electric boat engines in order to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use, and we have also launched a “0 pollution” environmental plan based on agreements between Marcabrera and land owners. The goal of the plan is to preserve mature forest areas so that they keep absorbing CO2. This helps us drive emissions as close as possible to zero and minimise the environmental impact of the services we provide.

Marcabrera not only collaborates with companies and scientific initiatives, it also promotes its own social project and accessibility programme “A Sea for Everyone”, the aim of which is to make tourist services available to the elderly, families and people with reduced mobility. Furthermore, we have also launched an educational project for schools as well as many environmental awareness initiatives.

Marcabrera works closely with those in charge of managing the protected areas where our company operates. For some years now we have also been providing an ambitious training program called “Marcabrera Feeling” to all our staff members, which together with our protocols of action and drill exercises prepare our employees to react effectively to any possible incident that may occur. 

Marcabrera’s Project has received three Blue Flags this year in the category “Sustainable Tourist Boats” and TripAdvisor has awarded us its well-known Certificate of Excellence.

At Marcabrera we strongly believe that each individual contribution is a step forward towards a new, much-needed society model.


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